We all Thrive in a Place Where we Belong.

By Melissa Turrubiates,
Human Resources
New Tiger for Latin America

Melissa with Toucan Sam.

Melissa with Toucan Sam..

Last Summer, after going through two amazing areas from the company as part of my rotational program, the Kellogg’s HR Leadership team asked me a simple yet fundamental question: “From all the experiences you’ve had at the company, which one gave the most meaning for you?” Without expecting it, that question came in the right moment for me to stop and think about everything I had experienced so far.

"Have you thought about the things that help you find meaning in work? We all have different motivations with all kind of priorities in our list. However, I am certain of one thing: We all thrive in a place where we belong.
We spend most of our time in the workplace so it makes sense that together we acknowledge our piece of responsibility and create an environment around us where we all fit in."

I am one of the lucky persons that enjoys going to work every day, so immediately a long list of answers came to my head. However, to keep it simple, I narrowed it down to one: What makes me feel so appreciated and keeps me motivated? The answer came easy and clear: “My opinion matters and I feel heard.” At that forum, we were a team, working and sharing experiences together. My young voice was valued and heard. I talked, they listened and together we built a positive experience for our company.

Melissa and Tony the Tiger dressed in formal attire

You see, we humans, are naturally social beings. We value things like safety, comfort, appreciation, and being part of something, above anything else. It all comes down to connections. We seek for them everywhere we go.

That question triggered something in me. There is an underlying trust in the team I work with. I understand the value of my work and my personal contribution to the organization, among many other things. It clicked. A huge learning for me, about myself…you can call it a good self-reflection. That day, I understood what matters to me and I became curious to look around and understand my surrounding to build the same feeling and environment for everyone.


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