Behind the Scenes at the Big Game

The Kansas City Chiefs weren’t the only winners at the Big Game of American football. Kellogg’s popular Pringles® and Pop-Tarts® brands also wowed fans around the world with fun, new advertising. This was the first time that two Kellogg brands advertised during one of the annual most-watched television broadcasts. Pringles® showcased an interdimensional universe of flavor stacking featuring characters from the popular show Rick & Morty, while Pop-Tarts® “fixes” the pretzel in their hilarious ad featuring reality star Jonathan Van Ness. To learn more about what it takes to this premiere level of advertising to life, Kellogg Careers talked with three colleagues who helped create this year’s ads:

“Advertising in an event like this is high stakes,” said Gareth. “It’s the only place where ads are critiqued by commentators, pundits and consumers for days before and after the event. Having worked in Europe for most of my career, I’ve seen U.K. Christmas ads come close, but this is definitely the biggest advertising stage.”

Phil’s license plate proves his love for Pop-Tarts!

I recommend this type of experience to anyone interested in government relations. Volunteer for a campaign to understand what gets someone elected. Work for an elected official to learn how our government operates.

Sound public policy is crucial to creating the right conditions for businesses to grow and citizens to thrive. Since joining the Kellogg Government Relations team, I’ve been excited to see how we help drive our Deploy for Growth business strategy and corporate responsibility goals by working with elected officials. And in today’s fast-moving political environment, I know our work will only become more vital.

Pop-Tarts is a fun and beloved brand that is very popular on social media,” said Sam. “Advertising in this event gave us the opportunity to engage with millions of people before, during and after the game. This is the type of opportunity I only dreamed of when I started my career as a marketer.”

"I spent 10 years in the retail food business before joining Kellogg. Since then, I’ve worked in Germany, Sweden, Eastern Europe and at our European headquarters in Dublin,” said Phil. “Coming to our global headquarters in the U.S. to lead the Pop-Tarts brand and help create its biggest ad spot ever is the culmination of all my work experience combined.”

“My career has to date been in Europe and the Middle Eastern markets until relocating to our headquarters in Michigan last summer to lead the U.S. Pringle’s brand, so this is my first time experiencing the championship game of American football,” said Gareth. “I’ve always sought out assignments that teach me new things. I’ll certainly never forget this one!”

Phil Schaffer
Senior Commercial Director, Pop-Tarts


Gareth Maguire
Senior Marketing Director, Pringles


Sam Gach
Manager, Social Media Engagement


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