Digitally transforming Kellogg in LATAM … and our careers!

“In Kellogg we are passionate about technology, and clearly understand the importance of successfully transforming data into intelligence to drive our business forward. Join us in this exciting journey towards our digital transformation!”

-Rene Sarrelangue
Director Digital & Analytics Unit LATAM


You see it everywhere: technology is changing the way the world operates. Every aspect of our lives have somehow changed to accommodate for an automatic, integrated or at least simpler way to do things thanks to technology. The way we communicate with our friends and families, the way we select the place for dinner, the way we plan and book our vacations, and the way we buy our products and services (and even share our experiences and stories about it) is just easier, faster and more interconnected than ever before. The data trails we leave behind our every single interaction are now without precedent in all history of humankind.

Kellogg event
Rene and team mates at a Kellogg event

In Kellogg, we have begun our journey into our Digital Transformation, combining technology, data, agility and business knowledge to produce outstanding business results. At the core of this transformation is a group of incredibly talented people who keep pushing forward the boundaries of our capabilities while delivering innovative value propositions, continuously supporting each other as a one single integrated entity and having fun during the process!

Last year, I had the privilege to step into this journey leading this unbelievable passionate and dynamic team of professionals walking shoulder-to-shoulder onward into the digital universe.

digital unit
The Digital and Analytics Unit

The energy in the room speaks by itself. We are excited, motivated and confident because we know every one of us is playing a critical role in this transformation. We as professionals are evolving along with the company. Our careers are digitally evolving just as we are digitally transforming our company. Product owners organize solution requirements, while ensuring focus in business outcomes. Data engineers analyze data sources and build mechanisms for ingestion, storage and utilization. Data Visualization creates dashboards and intuitive graphical representations of information. Data Scientists code mathematical and statistical models to prove hypothesis and produce insights and intelligence. Product analysts and architects ensure architecture design and product scalability. Scrum masters ensure rhythm, pace and progress. Data governance ensures data quality and sustainability. Together however, our reach goes way beyond each individual role. Together we are the Digital and Analytics Unit.

The road lies ahead, and our team continually seeks to welcome motivated and successful people from different backgrounds and skillsets to join us in this incredibly exciting experience.

kapable team
Working with Kellogg characters!

For you out there reading this blog, does digitally transforming a company sound like a good challenge? Do you love technology and the opportunities it enables? Do you believe the future of companies will largely be influenced by their capacity to derive intelligence out of data?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we have a place for you.

We are passionate about technology, and clearly understand the importance of successfully transforming data into intelligence to drive our business forward.