Baking a cultural celebration into a crazy good brand

By Juan Boido, Senior Brand Manager of Pop-Tarts

It’s a marketer’s dream to work on an iconic food like Pop-Tarts that is beloved by so many people. The brand’s unique place in American culture gives us many opportunities to participate in meaningful ways with those who enjoy our food.

Take, for example, the limited-edition box and nine printed-fun designs we’re debuting for Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, the Nov. 1 traditional Mexican holiday that honors the lives of loved ones who have passed. With more than 60% of the U.S. Latinx population being of Mexican descent, we wanted to celebrate this tradition in a way that recognizes the contributions of this vibrant community. That’s why we’re excited to bring to life the many aspects of Día de Muertos, from the elaborate papel picado designs cut into paper to the calaveras sugar skulls to the ever-present cempasúchils, or marigold flowers.

“...consumers expect the brand to honor cultures and show up for the world through social purpose."


Marketers understand that iconic brands like Pop-Tarts have earned their right, and responsibility, to tap into culture… particularly into the inherently multicultural Gen Z culture, who make up a large part of Pop-Tarts’ next generation of fans. These consumers expect the brand to honor cultures and show up for the world through social purpose. That’s why Pop-Tarts is partnering with the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, providing grants to four Latinx organizations serving youth and their communities in Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas and Houston.

Pop-Tarts Dia De Muertos Social Post
Pop-Tarts Dia De Muertos Social Post


As an Argentine, I didn’t grow up with Pop-Tarts. In fact, I didn’t eat my first Pop-Tarts until I moved to Miami in 2014. Maybe this is why, as the Senior Brand Manager for Pop-Tarts, I’m constantly impressed with the love our consumers have for this brand, and also reminded of the icon that was entrusted to me. We want to live up to that crazy good love by celebrating with the community and reinforce that sense of belonging. In doing so, it’s important that we give back to the community with purpose, making sure our consumers (across all generations) know they are the beating heart of this brand. Día de Muertos has become a fun and colorful part of Latino and mainstream culture, reinforcing the multicultural DNA of the marketplace. I’m beyond excited to see it come to life on Pop-Tarts boxes and toaster pastries for a limited time.



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