Easing the transition from university to work


First jobs are a conundrum. How do you get a job without experience? And how do you get experience without a job? 

At Kellogg, we have an answer. Our Temporary Student Support roles hire college students for meaningful work with our teams while they finish their education. After graduation, they are able to apply for open roles at the company, often in areas where they already have experience. In this Kellogg Careers blog post, we hear from two former Temporary Support Students who have joined Kellogg as full-time employees.

Cody Priess is an account executive with our natural and organic team in Nashville, Tennessee and Lindsay Gardner is a senior paralegal at our Battle Creek, Michigan world headquarters.

Cody Priess poses with Tony the Tiger

What did you learn in the program?

Cody: Today, I’m still using the things I learned in the Temporary Student Support program. I saw our business from a year-round, day-to-day perspective, just like you would do in a full-time role.

Lindsay: I learned so much about how the actual business cycle works that was directly related to my university studies. The program is very experiential, which made it so valuable.


Describe your journey through the program.

Cody: I grew up in Battle Creek and started out at our local Kellogg Community College. The Temporary Student Support team was interviewing on campus and I applied in February. I didn’t get the initial role, but they called me back the following June. I worked on the remarketing team for 2.5 years, helping to sell or donate perfectly edible but damaged food, or food close to its best if used by date. After graduation, I left Kellogg for a sales role at Hershey, but quickly returned because of the Kellogg culture and connections I made. Today I work with customers like Wegmens, Giant Eagle and Price Chopper selling brands like Kashi®, RXBAR® and Bear Naked®.

Lindsay: I also grew up near our Battle Creek headquarters and was going to college about 50 miles away at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was hired to work in finance at our location there and then moved into a remarketing role in Battle Creek. Since graduating and being hired in 2021, I’ve worked as a retail sales communications agent and was recently hired into my current role because the Legal team was interested in my marketing experience. I’m not a paralegal by training but am learning so much from my coworkers.

Lindsay Gardner in the field with employees.

What groups did you get involved in?

Cody: Kellogg is known for its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and our many Business/Employee Resource Groups that help create an environment of belonging. As a Temporary Support Student, I helped form Students of Kellogg, which is part of our Young Professionals B/ERG. I also helped with communications for ¡Hola! for Latino employees. Both were great learning and development experiences.

LindsayI too, was a member of Students of Kellogg. As a Temporary Student Support team member, the group was so important then and remains an important network to me even today. As a full-time employee, I have continued to help strengthen and develop the B/ERG. Today, I am an advisor to their leadership team of three Temporary Student Support members. It’s a role I treasure.

Any final thoughts to share?

Cody: Temporary Support Students get to meet so many people across the company and learn about Kellogg and its different functions. Whatever you are willing to put into the experience, you truly get out.

Lindsay: It’s also important to understand that Kellogg realizes we are students and are flexible with our schedules. They want us to succeed on the job and in the classroom. It’s great to get a head start on your successful career while you’re still in college.


Kellogg Company’s Temporary Support program has a wide variety of in-person and virtual roles across our company and its locations. Depending on the work, some roles also require sophomore or junior academic standing. More information is available here.



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