"I'll invest my money in people."
- W.K. Kellogg

At a time when a businessman's worth was determined by wealth, W.K. Kellogg built our company on a different belief—success is measured in people, not profits. Over 100 years later, we continue to put people first in everything we do. For our employees, this dedication to people means that we offer not only competitive benefits and rewards packages around the world, but an environment where success is celebrated and developing the careers and potential of our employees is a priority.

Our benefits and rewards programs

Our benefits and rewards programs are tailored to the unique values of our employees in each region/market, common components typically include:

  • Competitive Salary & Hourly Wages
  • Performance related bonuses and incentives
  • Healthcare and Retirement Options
  • Paid Time Off (i.e. Vacation Days, Public Holidays)

In addition to our rewards and benefit offerings, we strive to ensure that we have policies that promote a healthy workplace. Whether it's a focus on work/life balance or the opportunity to work internationally, we continue our founder's legacy of Kellogg Company being a place where you can grow and develop a boundless career that shapes the future.